2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Quote From A New Auto Insurance Company

Whether you have purchased a new car, moved to a new area, or are just would like to change your current provider, you may be shopping around to find an auto insurance company. When you go to call the new company, you may be wondering what type of information you should have ready when you speak to an agent.

The information that you give the insurance agent can greatly affect your premium, so you should have everything ready before you pick up the phone. You can start gathering information to write down by asking yourself a couple of questions about your car and driving habits so that you can get an accurate quote for your new auto insurance policy.

1. In What Types of Areas Is Your Car Kept and Driven on a Day-to-day Basis?

One question you should ask yourself has to do with your day-to-day driving habits. What types of areas do you normally have to drive through daily? Also, where you do typically park your vehicle when at home and at work?

If you drive in areas that are considered safe without a lot of accidents or a flood plain, your premiums may be lower. Also, if you park in a secured garage at home or a parking garage at work, the risk of theft or damage is lower, which can also lower the cost of your premiums.

2. What Types of Security and Safety Features Does Your Car Have on It?

Another thing you need to ask yourself about has to do with any special features on your car that could result in lower premiums. Does your car have any extra security features such as an alarm or GPS tracking system? Are safety features already installed such as airbags and backup cameras?

When your car has these extra features, they help to lower the possibility of theft, accidents, and serious injury. If you let the agent know about all of the features, you may be able to get a discount on your policy's premium.

Before you speak to an agent, write down your answers to the above questions so that you can have them ready. When making the list, you should have a section of the types of locations you drive to as well as where the vehicle is typically kept. You should also give them a list of security and safety features installed on your car to see if they can contribute to a lower premium. Once you have all pertinent information ready, contact an auto insurance company that covers vehicles in your area to speak with an agent.

For more information, contact a local auto insurance provider.