3 Coverage Types To Include On Your Home Insurance Policy

Your home might be your most valuable asset, which means you need the right types of home insurance protection. A typical home insurance policy covers the home's structure and your belongings, but it might not provide all the protection you need. Here are three coverage types you might want to add to your policy if your plan does not already include them.

Sewer Line Coverage

Your home has a plumbing system, and this system's function is to remove all the wastewater from your house. The wastewater goes into a septic system, which might be a city sewer system or a private system in your yard. In either case, your home has a main sewer line. This line extends from your home to the sewer system, and it serves a vital role. If you ever encounter a problem with this line, such as a clog, you could end up with a mess on your hands. Fixing this problem is costly, which is why you might want to add sewer line coverage. If you have this coverage, you can file a claim if you encounter expensive sewer line repair bills.

Additional Living Expense Coverage

While some policies include additional living expense (ALE) coverage, others do not. You can ask your agent if your policy includes this coverage. If it does not, you might want to add it. ALE provides compensation to you if you must move out of your home as a result of a covered peril. For example, if a plumbing pipe bursts in your home and causing water damage, you might have to move out for a few weeks. If so, your ALE protection compensates you for the added living costs you accrue from moving out.

Personal Property Riders

The other extra thing to add to your plan is personal property riders. You must add a rider for each item you own that your policy does not cover. For example, you can add riders for art, jewelry, guns, and collections. If you lose these items to a covered peril, your riders pay you the full value for your items.

Adding these three coverage types to your policy might provide you with all the protection you need. Each extra coverage you add will increase the cost of your plan, but adding the right protection also provides peace of mind. You can learn more about home insurance and your options by talking to a home insurance agent today.

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