Car Insurance Discounts You Could Qualify For

Car insurance can be a very big expense. However, it is definitely one that is necessary and even required in many states. Since you really can't and shouldn't go without car insurance, the key is just to find a policy that you can afford, which you can do through some careful comparison shopping, and then to take advantage of any and all discounts that are available to you. Fortunately, there are many good discounts out there; you simply have to know that they exist and, when they apply to you, you have to ask your insurance provider about how to go about getting them. Knowing the available discounts, though, is the first and most important step.

The Good Student Discount

If you're still in school and you're doing well, believe it or not, this could equal a car insurance discount for you! The thinking seems to be that if you're a responsible student then you'll be a responsible driver too!

While every insurance carrier is different, this discount is typically given to students who maintain at least a "B" grade point average and/or who are in the top percent of their class. If you think you might qualify, ask your provider if this discount is available and, if so, what you have to show to verify you are eligible.

The Automatic Payments Discount

Most auto insurance providers are just like you in that they also do not like dealing with the hassle! You can help to reduce the hassle on both ends by setting up automatic payments for your insurance. These payments can be automatically deducted from a checking or other account, depending on the options that your provider offers.

And, believe it or not, many insurance providers will actually give you a nice discount just for setting up automatic payments. So, before you set up this option, be sure to ask if it comes with a discount!

The Customer Loyalty Discount

A little loyalty can go a long way, at least in the car insurance world. You will be happy to know that many insurance providers show how much they value their loyal customers by offering discounts for "loyal" behaviors. This might include discounts for things like:

  • Holding other types of insurance policies, such as home insurance, with the company
  • Insuring another car through the same company
  • Renewing your policy early and/or automatically

Remember, the key to getting any of these discounts, when available, is asking for them, so don't be afraid to speak up. Contact a company like Mascott Insurance Services LLC for more information and assistance.